To Satisfy, delight and nourish people through healthy, creative and pleasing food


To offer highest quality food products to the clientele
To practice hygienic conditions at all stages
To serve and support every person associated with us
To take care of the environment and surroundings


We are Swadgaar – an initiative to offer delectable snacks. Swadgaar offers a variety of products to the customer base, making sure the food reaches the person in the best of packaging and taste as well. The group is a humble initiative by youngsters who desire to transform the concept of everyday boring snacks into an eye-pleasing and healthy one.

Soon after inception, the brand has become one of the favorites of customers, not only young but elderly as well. While preparing snacks, the makers make sure that the taste remains fresh and inviting to both young and old. The makers envision expanding the customer base through inclusion of different snacks and tastes from around the world.

Our Products

Available sizes : 1″, 2″, 5″, 7″

Chelly Garlic

Jeera Masala

Methi Marcha



Every product by Swadgaar is characterized by high-end quality and taste. We begin with the selection of choicest of raw products, right from ingredients, spices and condiments. Every product is defined with specific requirement and hence, the final product that is delivered to the clientele remains the best,every time.

Our production facility is one of the finest in the state. We have maintained highest standards for quality, hygiene and safety as well. Every stage meets the local as well as national legal requirements because we care about our customer. We practice good principles for manufacturing edibles. Beyond this, we constantly try to improve our standards, making sure they meet the desired expectations and surpass them. Our quality control department conducts regular inspection on the production process, which is also audited by external professionals.